Our Standard Cleaning Service includes:

At Charlotte Rays Cleaning we have learned through our passion to accomodate our clients that our Standard Cleaning Service works best for clients whose home has been professionally cleaned in the last 30 days and schedules regular cleaning on a daily, weekly, biweekly or triweekly basis.

Common Area Rooms

  • All areas dusted
  • Pictures, fixtures and tables dusted
  • Sweep/Vacuum/Mop
  • Dust ceiling fan



  • All furniture dusted
  • Make bed
  • Dusting shelves
  • Sweep/Vacuum/Mop
  • Empty trash can
  • Pictures, fixtures, tables dusted
  • Dust ceiling fan


  • Clean microwave inside and out
  • Clean outside of all appliances
  • Polish major appliance stainless steel 
  • Wipe down stove and stove top
  • Clean sinks
  • Sweep/Vacuum/Mop
  • Empty trash cans
  • Dust ceiling fan


  • Clean sinks
  • Clean tub, showers, toilet
  • Clean mirrors and glass
  • Clean and polish fixtures
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Empty trash cans
  • Sweep/Vacuum/Mop
  • Dust ceiling fan

Need slightly more detailed cleaning done by the professionals at Charlotte Rays Cleaning? Consider our Deep Cleaning Service to accomodate your personalized needs.

Experience the difference in "Clean" and "Charlotte Rays Clean"

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