Every home needs a good professional cleaning weekly and everyone deserves to come home from a stressful, tiresome day to a spotless and comfortable home with the relaxing aroma of cleanliness. Charlotte Rays Commercial and Residential Cleaning believes this is a portion of what makes a home a home and we specialize in perfection and customer satisfaction.

It's our guarantee!


Our Professional Cleaning Personnel utilize some of the best tactics to acheive the best clean possible for your home. View our detailed list of included services and set your appointment NOW.

At Charlotte Rays Cleaning we offer quotes we stand by, not estimates to be later changed after wasting your time. 

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Why does Charlotte Rays Cleaning need to come look at my house in order to give me a quote? I don't have time to clean or time to waste finding out if you are in my price range?

Great news, you don't! Our goal is and always will be to accommodate our clients as best possible. We prefer to come to your home and gather all the needed information to give you the best possible quote. Yet, in keeping with one of our core concepts and beliefs, we will provide you a QUOTE, not a proposal or estimate, sight unseen. Simply go to QuoteItBookIt and get your quote and appointment in less than 2 minutes!

Why am I calling around and the few companies that will even give me some type of estimate by phone are priced so high? I was paying the cleaning lady half that for the past 2 years.

We get it; sometimes its cheaper, sometimes its not. Please understand that using an individual rather than a licensed, bonded and insured corporation doesn't afford you, the client, proper recourse if something goes wrong. Be wise; traditionally over time, what seems extremely cheap in the beginning always costs more when its all said and done. 


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